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Salem Again - Acrylic on Canvas

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We artists are sensitive creatures picking up the feelings and moods of all the people and places we come into contact with. We can't help it.  Many of us use our art as the receptacle of these emotions, turning feelings and encounters into color, texture and subject. Eventually, when we are long gone our artwork will maintain the attitude of its time, and will tell our story to future generations. What a magical legacy! My husband inherited a watercolor by Arthur Healey painted in 1941, it hangs above our mantle and I often find myself lost in that painting, experiencing life in a different time and place.. This week I'm preparing eight paintings that will be delivered next weekend to Edgewood Orchard Gallery in Door County ready for the upcoming summer season. I wonder what their journey will be, who will love them, who will inherit them and will they tell the story of my time, here and now in America?

The hughes on this one are darker than my norm. We artists are sensitive creatures and we absorb the feelings that surround us which tend to end up in our work. We can't help it we should not stop it, for that is how our work becomes the art of its time.


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